RACE 3 : Who will be in lead role the hiddden story reveled........

Its a big time the previous part of Race released and till know no buzz about it came in existance...so here come's hot gossip about the lead role.

RACE 3 : Who will be in lead role the hiddden story reveled........

In the race of thriller movies back to back we forgot the movie who get the real tittle RACE.  Yes the movie Race  2 was released 3 years back in 2013 and since then we don't having any news about this subject that when the next sequel is coming ..... So before going to upcoming part lets refresh little bit about its last part.. Race 2 installment of the action-thriller series Race hit the screens.  which starred John Abraham and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles.

Rumors that buzz so strong was that Salman khan will be in lead role in the upcoming series of Race that is RACE 3 .. but this is no longer in existence.
And you will be surprised to know that he is replaced with The greek god  HRITHIK ROSHAN...The reason behind this is reveled and its a date issue which make the directors to select Hrithik over Salman.

According to recent report Salman is very busy and don't have any date for shooting for Rcae3 .
Salman "needs to have dates free. If it was only Tubelight, it would be understandable. But Salman has also signed Tiger Zinda Hai, which could keep him occupied through 2017. And if he ends up picking Dabangg 3 for Eid 2018, Race 3 will only arrive by 2018-end. So he might not be picked."

On the other hand Hrithik Roshan had completed his upcoming movies shooting that is KAABIL and going to release on 26th of January 2017. The trailer of the movie had already leave a quit good imprint on viewers mind. Recently his movie Mohanjo -daro Released and doesn't work as expected. But yes the main huddle for shooting for this movie was Krrish 4 .. So it is cleared that Krrish 4 Needs some time to start shooting .....It indicate that Hrithik Roshan is all free to go for Race 3.

So finally we are going to see a real level drama , action and thriller in the movie . Hope this will match the expectations of viewers and we will get real spice as we get in Race (2008)

Race, which was directed by Abbas-Mustan, went on to become one of the highest grossers of 2008. Race 2, however, opened to mixed reactions from critics. The film was fared well at the box office.