Review: 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' (4/5 stars)

Review: 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' (4/5 stars)

Rogue One, a new standalone Star Wars film. The story skips all over the galaxy, with every stop duly logged, to no particular effect, by on-screen text. All I can tell you about the denouement without risk of spoilers'and there's a really nice surprise at the end'is that once Jyn and her companions find the Death Star plans in the vast vault where the Empire's secrets are stored, 'Rogue One' becomes an all-too-earthbound saga of data transmission when it's hard to find a good signal.

Felicity Jones plays the lead role of Jyn Erso, a thief who is broken out of a prison camp by the Rebel Alliance and led to believe that she is being sent to rescue her father (Mads Mikkelsen), one of the architects of the Empire's secret death machine. The truth is that the Alliance wants him killed. The task falls upon the Rebel intelligence officer Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), who travels as Jyn's handler and pilot, accompanied by K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), a reprogrammed enemy droid who provides droll comic relief. Eventually, they are joined by the Imperial defector Bodhi (Riz Ahmed), the blind monk Chirrut (Donnie Yen), his heavily armed and armored buddy Baze (Jiang Wen), and, later, by a squad of grizzled Rebel soldiers. Rogue One'which takes its title from the call sign of their spacecraft'recognizes these men as lost souls. Some are atoning for misdeeds; others, like Chirrut and Baze, simply have nowhere left to go.

Users reviews :

1. Much more violent and upsetting than the other films.
Rogue One is an impressive film, but decidedly darker and grittier than the other entries in the Star Wars franchise. If people thought that The Empire Strikes Back was dark and downbeat, they ain't seen nothing yet. The finale of this movie is surprisingly brutal and pessimistic. It's a fantastic sequence, but will upset all who watch it and most likely be far too intense for kids. Recommended for teens and up, but leave the younger Star Wars fans at home.

It's great and is fine for any kid who has seen any other Star Wars movie. Even though it is a more realistic take it is still fun and is NOT too dark for someone over 10

3. Way to Dark and Violent for younger viewers
Extremely dark and violent, not for anyone under 16. Younger viewers will probably walk out very upset, and have nightmares. I'm not joking, a lot of death, and just to much for younger viewers.

4. The Greatest Star Wars Spin-Off Movie EVER!!!
We watched Rogue One Trailers and when there's action, you will say "OH!", This movie is more intense than The Force Awakens but it has Positive Messages and Positive Role Models including a action heroine called Jyn Erso, Lots of action(thrilling fights and explosions are frequent). This installment is rated PG-13 for "extended sequences of sci-fi violence and action" and best left to older kids 10 or 11 and up.

5. One of the best Star Wars movies!
Too good for a movie used to make money! This movie was NOT a let down! A bit too much new main characters and youcan't remember their names except for the girl. A lot of scenes were breath taking and Darth Vaders role in this was NOT a let down as well!

I just got back from seeing this movie and, as a major, old school star wars fan, I was in for a complete shock. I wasn't expecting to like this very much, but the movie ended and my mouth was open, and IT WAS SO GOOD. However, (GENERAL SPOILER ALERT) all of the main characters die, which some kids might be disturbed by. I was devastated, but it was really an amazing movie. It has underlying themes of acceptance and a lot of self sacrifice, considering that pretty much everyone died for the greater good. GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

7. Heavy.
Feels kind of like an old war movie. Definitely not for super-sensitive kids. If they couldn't handle that one scene in The Force Awakens, this is NOT for them. Great movie though.

8. Great Movie - Too Violent For Kids
Definitely a step up in violence from the previous Star Wars movies. Great movie but would not recommend it for kids. I have to say that the previous Star Wars movies balanced swashbuckling adventure with humor and heart. Rogue One is exciting and beautifully shot, and maybe one of my favorite movies this year, but it's just not as fun as a Star Wars movie. I went to a 10am screening this morning just to decide if it would be OK for my two Star Wars fanatic kids age 8 and 10 (we have tickets for tonight). There's no blood or gore but a lot of characters getting killed with blasters. The worst scenes I can remember: - A mother is shot and killed right in front of her (8 yo?') daughter. (why show the mother being killed up close - they could have shot this from far away or shown the reaction of others at the scene) - A lot of people getting shot with blasters, one scene a stormtrooper is shot right in the head at close range. - A group of engineers gunned down execution style - Some of the violence is necessary to tell an exciting story, but some of it crossed the line and felt gratuitous. I think in the end this will hurt Disney's box office by limiting the appeal to teens and adults and away from families.

9. Amazing for all ages!
Rogue One is another epic Star Wars movie that people will not stop talking about until the next one. Good amount of Darth Vader and enjoyable characters make this Star Wars ride a thrill! Check it out, I am sure you will have a blast.

10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
This film was very very good. It is very intense and at some points very violent. Characters are killed with explosives, staffs , guns, and some are slaughtered violently. There are good messages about doing what's right and loyalty, but it is very intense. 12+ should be fine